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    Yes, both will do 4K although the 300MHz one is restricted to 8-bit at 4K60.

    Because standards are so complicated and the permutations are enormous, you often see incompatibilities - there was an example a couple of years back with LG - can't remember the exact details. but everyone on the forum with the issue swore blind it was Zidoo at fault and when the Zidoo devs bought an LG to test, it turned out to be crap programming by the LG guys and eventually a firmware fix was put in place - but with a big lumbering beast like LG, it took a while. In the meantime Zidoo gets a bad name for no good reason.

    It's easy for people to say "but my XYZ box works" but it's rarely a like for like test.
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    Like you this is my second box if these EDID files don't sort the problem I doubt having this box swapped will make any difference but neither should I be having problems with black screens, so maybe my Zidoo UHD 3000 & Sony Projector don't get along either, funny how no other piece of equipment presents this fault except when using the Zidoo only purchased the Zidoo round about November 2022 have had the equipment from 2020 and never had I ever experienced the black screen until I purchased the Zidoo so it definitely is not my equipment and others have complained of the black screen also concerning the Zidoo be it any model. I just find it strange I have never experienced thsi black screen or I could pin point it to my projector, AV receiver, HDMI Cables.

    I purchased 4 different 2.1 Ultra Speed certified cables as I was told it is my HDMI cables well guess what it wasn't the cables. If I don't get black screen when playing a regular 4K UHD movie from my 4K blu ray player regular blu ray from my blu ray player then we can rule out the AV Receiver, projector and HDMI cables and it only happens when the Zidoo is connected all fingers are now pointed at the Zidoo it is either software or Firmware issue within the Zidoo not hand shaking properly with the equipment it really can not be anything else or I would be experiencing black screen befor now or maybe I have had bad luck from a bad batch of Zidoos.

    Anyway I have yet to try the EDID files will later this evening when I get a chance. If after that I still get black screens I will return this Zidoo in favour of something different as paying £850 is a lot of cash for something which is not working properly.
  3. Markswift2003

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    You didn't say this was your second box with the same problem!

    We can pretty much rule out a faulty Zidoo in that case - A single faulty box would be highly unusual (I've never seen one or recall hearing of one on the forum), but two on the trot - there's simply no way, especially with the same symptoms.

    I agree this is very very odd and incredibly infuriating, but another replacement box is not going to fix it.

    I kind of don't really believe it's an intrinsic issue between the Zidoo and the Sony either - I've spoken to plenty of people on here with Sony projectors, and also on AVS because of my involvement in the LLDV hack.

    Just to get an idea of your setup, how is your Zidoo connected to the projector? - as an example, here's mine:

    Zidoo >75cm HDMI>HDFury Vertex2>75cm HDMI>Denon X8500 amp>15M HDMI>JVC X7000 Projector

    The 75cm cables are these: https://tinyurl.com/yu4vmhwt

    The 15M cable is an contract cable we used to import from China by the pallet load for commercial jobs and was installed here in 2006 when I built the cinema (kind of makes a nonsense of all the boutique cables you see these days...)

    I'm not trying to make any assumptions here, but there has to be an answer to this...
  4. Big Tom

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    Ahh see you are using the HDFury Vertex2 @ an extra £449 that is why you have no black screen as you have to buy another HDMI box to fix the problem between your equipment and the zidoo I have tried the zidoo between the AV receiver and the projector then plugged straight into the projector through an HDMI splitter then connected directly into the projector. With no offence to yourself you just cant say it is my equipment or how I have it set up as I have tried every configuration under the sun by the way the first Zidoo I purchased was a customer second hand return that was purchased used maybe that is why the first buyer returned the Zidoo because of the black screen issue no reason was given for that customer return. I have read other forums where this problem is mentioned concerning the Zidoo as those end customers ask their community forum members for a fix so it is something which is not specific to me and is affecting the Zidoo media players.

    I will try what you have suggested using the EDID file and what others have suggested to see if that fixes the problem but it is mighty strange I have never experienced this black screen only except when using the Zidoo so that tells me it is the Zidoo and nothing else you can not state something which does not add up by placing blame on my equipment or HDMI cables as I have ruled all those out by extensive testing which takes time over many days I am trying to get a fix so the Zidoo is compatible and plays without throwing black screens with the Sony projector. I am using a high speed Ultra 10Mtr 8K fibre HDMI cable. If you are using an HD Fury that is telling indeed as you should not have to purchase the HD Fury to make the Zidoo play nice.

    I don't think I would be testing past Thursday of this week I'll simply return it as it is never going to work properly I ahve exhausted all avenues by this stage not unless I cough up another £449 and buy and HD Fury Vertex2 just to make things work properly between the Zidoo and the Sony projector which I am not prepared to do.

    The Zidoo was a nice experience it is a pity it is flawed well for me at least it just never played as advertised as I never read on product page regarding the black screen or in you tube reviews, £850 is a lot of money for an item that is not functioning as intended no where did I read there could be a black screen fault if you buy our Media Players. Well at least I am within my 30 day return window. So I will work at this Zidoo until Wednesday then if the problem persists it will be going straight back and I will receive my full refund.

    Final thought is the fact after it throws black screens and it does this for a number of minutes when it finally settles down it plays perfectly well flawless in fact as it never does it again. But if you turn it off and say the next night turn it back on it is on the initial boot up with and without a hard drive being attached even while it is in the settings menu or home screen loading page it is black screening like a trooper you just have to wait it out then it becomes good but that fault should not be happening.

    I have downloaded the EDID file I'll upload that to the Zidoo and I will try other settings and see how I get on I'll post my findings on the end result. of that testing session. Will take me two days to fully test everything.
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    This is why I want a decent rolling eyes emoji for this forum!

    The Vertex has nothing to do with that - all the Vertex does is provide me with multiple switchable EDIDs (and diagnostics) - it's not a video processor. If I remove the Vertex, I get exactly the same video performance - no blank video!
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  6. Big Tom

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    Not necessarily true as it does remove signal from the source material I don't know a lot about it but you can tinker with the signal quite a bit via a web interface it is not just a standard HDMI switcher as they only cost a mere £70 and that is an 8K 60Hz and 4K 120Hz so no need to spend £449 as it is more than a standard HDMI switcher at that price. Anyway we will remain friends I'm not arguing with you just telling you as it is. Wish I could afford to drop £449 for a HD Fury Vertex version 2 wow.
  7. futeko.com

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    I think I've asked this question before over email, but have you tried connecting the UHD3000 directly to the projector using the supplied HDMI cable? Do you get the same problem?
  8. Markswift2003

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    I do know quite a lot about it - I helped in development with the Dolby Block and I wrote the original LLDV EDID for them, so honestly, there's no need to tell me how "it is".

    But of course we will remain friends - I'm extremely curious to know what the problem is here because it's a new one on me and this stuff interests me immensely - let us know how you get on with the 400 and 300MHz EDIDs.
  9. sidman

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    FWIW when I use the supplied BT 2020 EDID setting and use VS10 DV setting with DV or HDR encoded content playing, every time I press stop on the Zidoo remote, for a break or whatever, I encounter the blank/black screen. I have to power cycle the receiver for the screen to display. I have verified this multiple times. However whenever I use some of the other custom EDID's posted by Markswift2023, it works fine. So my conclusion is a) The supplied BT2020 EDID is causing some issues between my receiver and the Z9X or b) There is something wrong with the HDMI cable between the two. However it is a certified 8k cable so not really sure. Anyways I am no expert, just some observations, if it can help someone. I still cannot play back the LLDV settings, but I a moving on, the VS10 DV settings are fine for my purpose, if I play back DV content. For HDR content I am turning off the EDID entirely and just using VS10 for HDR settings. Also my Z9X is far superior both in PQ & SQ to the Nvidia Shield Pro that I was using before, so I am very happy with it.
    My equipment chain is zidoo Z9X to Denon 3700h to Sony VPL vw270es.
  10. Markswift2003

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    Custom EDIDs should only be used if you have a specific need for one, for example to limit HDMI bandwidth or to output LLDV to an HDR10 display.

    In a lot of cases, particularly with projectors, because there is usually a long HDMI run from the amp to the projector, the cable is borderline capable of transmitting the 594MHz necessary for 60fps Dolby Vision and so if the GUI is presented in DV and the refresh goes to 60fps (ie resolution set to Auto), the display can blank. This does not happen with SDR/HDR because if you have the source setup correctly (4:2:0 10-bit), a 60fps signal will be 371MHz which a damp piece of string can pass.

    I only have a 5M HDMI cable between my test amp and Samsung flatscreen and although it's supposed to be, and was sold as, a 600MHz/HDMI2 cable, it is not - so I have to restrict my EDID to 400MHz because I use LLDV. This restricts 60fps DV to 30fps which is 371MHz (like 60fps SDR/HDR).

    (all the above is at 4K by the way).

    This is possibly what's happening in your case but used correctly, within the capabilities of all the equipment, you should never see this behaviour.
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    Love it!
  12. sidman

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    Thanks a lot for the reply Mark, so how is my system able to display DV content when I am not using the LLDV setting? And why is it blanking out only in the LLDV setting? Is there a difference between both with respect to 594mhz and 60 fps?
    Please excuse my queries if they sound very basic,I have only have just started using the zidoo, and TBH this is an excellent forum to find all these answers. Maybe there should be a basic section for newbies such as myself, so we can stop cluttering up all these advanced/power user threads with higher end systems.
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  13. Markswift2003

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    If you're not using LLDV, VS10 is used to convert DV to HDR10.

    LLDV is usually output at 4:2:2 12-bit, which at 23~30fps is only 297MHz and 50~60fps jumps up to the maximum 597MHz.

    HDR10 (and SDR) can be output in several ways, but usually 4:4:4 10-bit at 23~30fps and 4:2:0 10-bit at 50~60fps which in both cases is 371MHz.

    If you are using the LLDV EDID, have HDR set to LLDV, Auto Framerate on and Auto Resolution on, the GUI will display in LLDV at 4K60 which is the full 597MHz. I'm only guessing here that this is marginally too much bandwidth for your setup although I can't think what else would cause it.

    If you use LLDV, set the Resolution to 4K23 then the GUI will also be at 371MHz and see if that cures it. (the caveat there is that if this is the case and you play some 4K60 content, the display could blank but this is solvable with a 400MHz EDID)
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  14. groofy

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    Hello :)

    I come from this topic http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?thr...vc-iso-files-not-working-in-zdmc.95368/page-2

    To recap my problem and it's current solution, I have a Xiaomi Mijia 4k 1S projector. I was having trouble to play 3D ISO, each time the projector went to a black screen and no audio (lost signal)
    After a lot of messing around, I finally found out that changing the EDID to "SAMSUNG QA55Q60RA..." did the trick... When I play the Gravity 3D ISO , I was prompted a message telling me the TV is not compatible then I click "continue" and the 3D works flawlessly. :)

    3dBLUFF helped me a lot, and told me : "The end conclusion is that the projector manufacturer dropped support for 3D out of EDID. Zidoo was not sending 3D signal as not compatible with the projector."

    My question is : is it okay if I keep using the samsung edid, or do I need to download on of your custom EDID ? (I am still trying to figure out what exactly is a EDID ^^)

    Thank you
  15. Markswift2003

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    Using the Samsung EDID isn't going to hurt but it doesn't support many audio codecs and isn't ideal so it depends on the rest of your equipment and what that's capable of.
  16. Big Tom

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    Yes I have done all that been doing that since Monday 13th March. I will send you an e mail you can resend me an RMA number as I will be returning this Zidoo back to you for a refund.

    I have tried every configuration under the sun trying to make my Zidoo UHD 3000 work.

    I also have an egreat media player so I took the same hard drive that was in the Zidoo and stuck it into my egreat media player and guess what no black screen, I then watched the same movie same time stamp and no black screen tested this theory over 2 days between my egreat media player and the Zidoo I then used standard disc in 4K Panasonic blu ray player and a Pioneer standard 1080P blu ray as well as a 5 year old cheap as chips dvd palyer which I take on my Caravan journeys watched a very rare edition of Hellraiser on dvd was quite clear so the Sony projector did a good job of projecting a great picture which kind of blew me away with the quality of the picture being projected by the Sony 590ES Projector seeing how it was dvd disc not that I watch many dvd's these days as it is either 4K uhd or blu ray so the end result dictates every piece of equipment Plays flawlessly with no whisper of a black screen.

    When I go over to the Zidoo I get the black screen no other piece of equipment in my setup throws this Black Screen.

    This is not good enough I would not mind if any other piece of my equipment I ahve connected threw this fault that I have connected to my system but it doesn’t everything plays perfectly, it is only when the Zidoo is hooked up that I get the black screen of death dance also I notice when switching resolution using my blu ray palyer or
    Yes I have done all that been doing that since Monday 13th March. I will send you an e mail you can resend me an RMA number as I will be returning this Zidoo back to you for a refund.

    It is very annoying as I have spent this whole week trying to fault find this Zidoo I feel like a beta tester for Zidoo which I have come to the conclusion it is the Zidoo that is playing up and is either not hand shaking properly or there is an internal fault either software or hardware related.

    Tonight, alone the Zidoo black screened so badly I could not even get to the settings screen. So, I unplugged it and will box it up tomorrow. I have tried every setting every configuration plugged the zidoo into the projector directly and still no joy so it must be the Zidoo is not compatible with the Sony 590ES Projector.

    Remember nothing else connected to my system for the past 2.5 years since I upgraded everything have, I ever experienced this black screen I did not even know there was such a thing but only when using the Zidoo do I ever get the black screen, you can’t say I did nto try in resolving the issue I have tried everything every configuration spend since Monday 13th March every evening I went to town in resolving the issue. No matter what I did the Zidoo UHD 3000 just does not function except it just black screens. This is not something I should have to put up with spending over £800. I even had my brother-in-law who is an audio technician works for the BBC video and sound engineer called him over he was stumped and his conclusion, it was a handshake HDMI problem he stated it is coming from within the Zidoo not handshaking properly that was his expert opinion. He told me not to waste any more time with it just send it back for a refund.

    I will send you an e mail if you could reply with a new RMA number and your return address, I will get this item packed up tomorrow and ship it on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

    Thank you to everyone else for replying it was much appreciated.

    P.S I see my return is valid until the 23rd March so I will return it before the 23rd March using the RMA numebr you provided in the email dated 9th March 2023.
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  17. sidman

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    The 400Mhz EDID does not show the LLDV in the settings, is there another EDID which has 400mhz plus LLDV.
  18. Markswift2003

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  20. Markswift2003

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    No problem, but what that means is that something in your HDMI chain will not allow 600MHz/18GBps. As I said earlier, only a slight problem for 60fps DV - everything else will be fine.
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