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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Curtis Hopkins, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Curtis Hopkins

    Curtis Hopkins New Member

    I have installed my TV providers app to watch tv and view shows recorded on the pvr. The service provider is Bell Canada. The App is Bell Fibe TV.

    Problem: when I try to watch something I get an error saying: mirroring not supported.

    I think the problem is coming from the fact that the box is rooted. I have the latest firmware on this site installed.

    I have tried earlier Bell Fibe TV apps but no luck.

    On the Bell Canada Fibe TV website they list the Mi Box and Shield as supported boxes. Both these run Android TV OS. Could this be an issue too?

  2. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    Ask Bell.
  3. Curtis Hopkins

    Curtis Hopkins New Member

    Bell Canada indicates that only the Shield and Mi Box are supported. Phones that are android and not rooted work too.

    I have unrooted the H6 Pro box but the error "Mirroring not supported" still occurs. Before unrooting I tried the various hide root apk to no avail.

    I cannot understand why the Bell TV app works on cell phones, the Shield, and Mi Box but not other android boxes.

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