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    Good morning.
    I am in the SAMBA mode connected via lan with pc (W11 21H2 b22000.1042), on the pc I saved the Kodi settings from a previous installation, they are the system folders (addon and userdata).
    Today after firmware update I want to restore the same system settings, copying the folders from pc to Zidoo via SAMBA.
    The problem is that to transfer 2.57 Gb takes 4 hours with Teracopy.
    When I perform the same operation with the old HiMedia Q1o pro box it takes about 20 minutes.
    I tried compressing the file with WinRar and the transfer happens in a few minutes.
    The problem is in the file extraction which takes the same time, about 4 hours.
    Is there any alternative in data transfer?
    Thank you

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  2. Phil181

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    you should be able to use the Windows File Manager to transfer files from PC to Zidoo?
    Alternatively, copy your files onto a USB flash and then plug into the Zidoo?
  3. DMD

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    I'm trying right now, connected USB pen drive to the Zidoo and I'm making the copy in the internal rootbut it seems that the time is always high.



  4. manulover

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    Hello friends

    Install on my zidoo z1000 pro zdmc and what I don't like is that when I move or scroll through the covers to select the movie I notice a delay or slowness.

    I have the movies on my hard drives inside my Htpc computer and I play them over the network via smb.

    On my Htpc I have kodi installed and the cases of my movies or covers scroll very quickly and smoothly.

    Someone knows to that can it be?

    I don't understand if it is because my Htpc has 8 gigabytes of ram memory and the Zidoo only has 2 gigabytes.

    Another question I have is that my movies in iso format do not show the menus of the movie within zdmc when I select to see the movie with menus.

    Does anyone know why this happens?

    From my zidoo covers outside of zdmc I can play my iso movies with menus without any problem.

    Thank you very much
  5. 3DBuff

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    PC CPU has a lot more horsepower compared to Zidoo Realtek CPU. Larger number of movies in ZDMC database will cause delay and hesitation compared to PC. You would need to post a video of how bad is it and number of movies for someone to assess if this is normal.

    Playing disk menus is the function of Zidoo developed Home Theater app. Kodi (ZDMC) is not there yet if ever. Home Theater is evolving as really good front interface. Unless you have a valid reason to use ZDMC stick to HT.

    I have both. My best collection is in HT, all 3D and UHD disk about 400 titles. Different versions of the same movie are on one movie page. ZDMC holds everything else about 2000 titles. ZDMC keeps database of all sources all the time connected or not.
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  6. DMD

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    Good morning.
    I followed the example in Mcbluna's guide to back up Home Theater and applied it to Kodi.

    I installed on Zidoo RARLab for Android and added the "addon" and "userdata" folders to the archive and created a ".zip" file without compression so I could then transfer it via SAMBA to the pc and vice versa.
    When I ptrove to restore the backup I perform the opposite operation on Zidoo.
    Actually having the Kodi data base in one file, and performing the transfer is faster.

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  7. DMD

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    I have also experienced a similar problem with the Aeon MQ9 Skin, it is not smooth but it is very appealing to my taste, compared to the very popular interfaces of streaming media boxes.

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  8. manulover

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    It's exactly what happens to me.
    It's a shame that it's slow.
    Hopefully one day we can have kodi with the speed of covers that it has on computers. Greetings

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