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  1. Jonathan Murray
    Jonathan Murray
    I want to access all radio stations in the would. Which app to I need to download for this. eg I want to listen to Radio Swiss Jazz.
  2. juiceddcdispensary
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  3. Verde
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  4. Lucasdiaztomatito
  5. PerceptRehab
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  6. Philsound
    Philsound HelmutHarnisch
    Hi Helmut, I'm back in South of France and playing with my DMP. I've loaded Musicbee on my laptop and I can see my music library which is stored on the DMP's SSD drive "samba".
    The issue is that I can play any song on my laptop but I can't get access to control the DMP and select the songs that I want to play on the DMP...I should miss something but...what ?
    Could you please help me?
    Many thanks in advance,
  7. Stopeter44
    Audiophooling myself all over again.
  8. Adams
    Adams Burki
    Hallo Burki, da Du beide Streamer hast (Eversolo und Red) kannst Du mir bitte sagen welcher als Digital Transport klanglich besser ist? Die ganzen Unterschiede softwareseitig kenne ich, hab ich einen Eversolo mal zum Test da gehabt. Ur den red habe ich noch nicht gehört und würde eher zu dem tendieren, aber nur falls er klanglich auch besser ist per AES / spdif out. Danke Dir vielmals.
  9. Prasenjit Das
    Prasenjit Das
    On the journey of audiophile
  10. upin_cool
  11. carlos esteban
    carlos esteban
    there are also 4 spectrum meter themes to be chosen from
  12. MGX-UK
    Once you have the correct equipment.... Just listen to the music✌️
  13. Saman Edirisinghe
    Saman Edirisinghe
    I like the sound of A8 internal DAC connected to RN2000A. The sound is much more 3D like, larger sound stage with warm midrange.
  14. FXM
    FXM Saman Edirisinghe
    Sorry for short message, but forum doesn't let me post more than 420 characters.
  15. FXM
    FXM Saman Edirisinghe
    Please help me about your experience with A8 and RN2000A (I also have one).
    There is a noticeable SQ difference between the sound of RN only vs A8 connected to RN?
    Especially for streaming Tidal e.g.
    Before RN I had a 803D which sound great, but indeed the 2000N is something else.
    Thank you.
  16. Marianoss
    Marianoss Dame
    Hello, why can't I find Windows subsystem for Android in Win11?
  17. anddrej
    Electronic devices works on smoke, when smoke runs out, they stop working.
  18. Paul Letteri
    Paul Letteri
    I would like to ask roughly how many hours for the runin for the A6 master edition ,and A8 ? Thank you for your help.
  20. GeNeRiKz
    Music Otaku