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  1. Saman Edirisinghe
    Saman Edirisinghe
    I like the sound of A8 internal DAC connected to RN2000A. The sound is much more 3D like, larger sound stage with warm midrange.
  2. FXM
    FXM Saman Edirisinghe
    Sorry for short message, but forum doesn't let me post more than 420 characters.
  3. FXM
    FXM Saman Edirisinghe
    Please help me about your experience with A8 and RN2000A (I also have one).
    There is a noticeable SQ difference between the sound of RN only vs A8 connected to RN?
    Especially for streaming Tidal e.g.
    Before RN I had a 803D which sound great, but indeed the 2000N is something else.
    Thank you.
  4. Marianoss
    Marianoss Dame
    Hello, why can't I find Windows subsystem for Android in Win11?
  5. TorneosOnline
    Existen diferentes formas de generar dinero desde casa, mi favorita es con puedo generar ingresos jugando!!!
  6. anddrej
    Electronic devices works on smoke, when smoke runs out, they stop working.
  7. Style Capsules
  8. ginnapalmer
    What is this actually about?
  9. Paul Letteri
    Paul Letteri
    I would like to ask roughly how many hours for the runin for the A6 master edition ,and A8 ? Thank you for your help.
  11. GeNeRiKz
    Music Otaku
  12. puravive pills
  13. Sunset Underground
    Sunset Underground OlivierQC
    Hello Olivier. Could you please direct me where to find your custom widgets? I visited Facebook as you suggested but could not locate. I love the designs very much. Thank you
  14. smithhhlauraadod
  15. Paul Letteri
  16. RoyV67
  17. maisonverte
    happy owner of DMP A6 since December 2023
  18. Bergholdt
    Eversolo DMP-A8 via XLR to Buchardt A10 active streaming WiSA speakers. A10s are part of a WiSA surround setup with 3 Buchardt A500s.
  19. eieio
    eieio Dr. Audio
    @Dr. Audio: thank you kindly for being so very helpful with the Eversolo/Apple Music Classical posts and answers. May I please ask how i may directly message you please?
    Thank you. i would like to message you directly via email, or via private messages in another forum, as i don't see the ability to send private messages on this forum - very strange!
  20. Don-ajo
    Keine Hektik in der Elektrik