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  1. eaziduuzit
    You will always pay for what you don't know!
  2. Frostb!te
    Frostb!te FrostByte
    Winter is coming, huh? ;-)
  3. hidropres
    Confía en Hidropres para el mantenimiento y reparación de tus redes de desagüe.
  4. granitesetts
    At Shop Granite Setts, we take pride in offering a wide selection of premium quality granite stones.
  5. Shankzi
    Shankzi mirror
    Hi Mirror,

    I'm having the illegal authorized error, can you help me?

    NET MAC: 80:0a:80:5b:e8:d8
    UUID: Authentication failure uuid
    Date: 2023/11/28 00:45:35

    State: Illegal authorized (3)
  6. Tibouiboui
    Hello there --> Z9X
  7. Trgomes
    My name is Thiago, I'm 31 years old, a lover of the Home theater hobby and an appreciator of Zidoo products.
  8. fpinna
    fpinna blenky
    I'm not able to write to you the link to download a clip of the first 5 min. of the 4K MKV of Elemental because I get an error of Spam-like content by the forum. Do you know how I can get around it?

    Can you provide me an e-mail address (if this is allowed) where I can send you the download link?
  9. Purité Audio
    Purité Audio mirror
    Misue Hi, I hope you are well?
    Congratulations on the new DMP A-8 it looks superb.
    I emailed you regarding ordering an ordering enquiry I have a new email address
    would you be kind enough to get in touch?
    Yours Sincerely,
  10. raeggis
    Happy hifi
  11. Bjorn65
    Brand new to Zidoo Z2000 pro
  12. Jacza33
    Jacza33 warren_wh
    Does Eversolo intend to implement a cast option from Plexamp to Eversolo DMP-A6 in the DMP-A6, as in the case of Roon? Currently, Plexamp does not see the DMP-A6 streamer on the network. He sees the Chromecast. In the Roon Remote app, you can designate DMP-A6 as the player. Unfortunately not in Plexamp. This is a major flaw in the overall Plex experience. Regards, Piotr
  13. Emile
    Emile Nice Monkey
    Hi how can I use the zidoo player in zbmc kodi? It won’t play any movies. Thanks a lot.
  14. Emile
    Emile Markswift2003
    Hi I can’t play any movies trough zbmc kodi with the zidoo player. Any idea what I have to do to fix that? Thanks a lot.
  15. Hoihoi
    I get an pair of B& W Formation duo speaker.
  16. Hoihoi
    Newbie here…. Eversolo dmp a6 have airplay, can it stream and push musics directly to an wireless active speakers directly ?
  17. DanneS
    DanneS Glerup71
    I saw in the forum that you have modded the Thesycon driver for Windows (3.38), is it possible for you to send it to me so I can check it out?
    Would really appreciate it.

    If so can you give me a link to it somewhere or just mail me on

    1. Glerup71
      Is mail ok ?
      Aug 11, 2023
    2. DanneS
      Aug 12, 2023
  18. Erling Hugosson
    Erling Hugosson
    TCL 98" C735 Marantz SR8015 Z9X Pro
  19. Glerup71
    Eversolo Z8
    1. DanneS
      Hi! Maybe you haven't had time to e-mail it, haven't recieved anything, now worries if you are busy. You can send it to this e-mail as well just in case: Thanks.
      Aug 15, 2023
    2. Glerup71
      Cant send zip file via Gmail
      Aug 15, 2023
    3. DanneS
      Could you send to
      Aug 15, 2023
  20. WRDS
    WRDS Nice Monkey
    I am thinking of getting Eversolo DMP A6.I have an intenso external hard disk usb 3.0 3tb.Where i have my music catalog.I wonder if i can connect it to it, or must i have an adapter connect it?.